Our Company

RJG Financial Services LLC is an independent wealth management company focused on providing information, guidance and products to seniors seeking financial security and protection. Our product portfolio includes Market Linked Bank CD’s, Precious Metals, Lifetime “Pension Like” Income, Guaranteed Annuities, Life Insurance, and Long-Term Care protection, all underwritten by the many highly rated insurance companies we represent. Our services include Tax Preparation, Trusts, Estate Planning.

If you are retired or about to retire, you know it is critical that you make wise financial decisions now, in order to preserve your wealth and attain peace of mind. In order to make these crucial decisions, you need up-to-date information, insight, and advice seasoned by experience.
You need a financial advisor who offers all these things, and more importantly, who truly understands your needs and objectives. Your advisor must recognize, that how you proceed today in matters of insurance and investing can insure that you live the way you have always imagined: safely, securely and independently.